healthy feet - happy children
healthy feet – happy children

Walking barefoot is a healthy exercise for your child under the right conditions. However, as soon as you take them outside, being barefoot is not necessarily ideal as their feet may well be exposed to dangers e.g. infections through accidental cut or may end up with sprains or fractions as they walk or run around.

When kids start walking, the best is to let them walk barefoot as much as possible, but preferably in-house.

This will help them develop balance, coordination and correct posture, it also supports sensory development which is important for building confidence in walking. Once they start adventuring outside though, protecting their delicate feet with a properly fitted, healthy pair of shoes is just as important and strongly recommended.

If you ask podiatrists, they will advise on how vital protecting your children’s feet is and can be achieved through laying a good foundation by having them wear healthy, comfortable shoes from the beginning. As most issues encountered in adulthood can be prevented by giving their feet the best support possible from the time they start walking. Spinal misalignment, gait issues, hip problems, limping, in-toeing, bunions and other deformities are just a few ailments that may be caused by not paying attention to the healthy feet growth of your child.

…walking barefoot is a healthy exercise for your child under the right conditions.

Moms and Dads, please share your ideas on how you best support your child’s feet to grow healthily and happily ?

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