We are very passionate about children and their healthy feet development. This topic remains a key aspect of any child’s overall development from birth through to adulthood and can also be seen as a base to their foothold in life. It is therefore recommended that we as parents give it the necessary attention it requires during the early years of childhood.

This year, GreenSteps plan to hold a quarterly, Children’s Foot Health Awareness month where parents will have the opportunity to set up some time with us to have their children’s feet measured professionally for free on a regular basis.

Children’s feet grow approximately 1.5mm a month under the age of 3, 1mm a month between the age of 3 and 6 years and thereafter the growth rate slows down to less than 1mm a month on average. Kids unfortunately, do not tell us when a pair of shoes becomes small on their feet or if their shoes are too big on their feet which can hinder them to walk or run confidently. It is therefore, vital that we, as parents, keep an eye on the growth rate of their feet so we can easily determine what size of shoes they should wear and when we should change for a bigger size.

As part of this program, we measure the lengths and widths of kids’ feet and record these measurements in a booklet for your convenience. We then also share tips on how kids’ footwear should be selected and what the key shoe features are for their specific age-group and share advice on what you as a parent can do, to keep their feet healthy.

The selected month for this program in 2018 are:

  • February
  • April
  • July
  • October

Contact us now to reserve a time slot.

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