Get your little one ready for winter

Get your little one ready for winter!

With winter being around the corner, I thought I would share some of our experience with the Ewers products and how you can also use them for your little one. Ewers is a German, children apparel and legwear brand and has been in the market since 1866. The brand is renowned for its high quality cotton products which ranges from summer and winter socks, leggings, tights, knee pads and playsocks in both casual and formal colour combinations and patterns. The brand has also introduced their baby accessories which are made of 100% organic cotton.

kneepads for crawling

The Playsocks have become a very popular product range since we introduced them in the South African retail consumer market. This range includes the knee pads, crawling pants and the silicone-sole socks for both girls and boys . The Ewers knee-pads stand out from the rest in the market both in quality and size: it is made of high-quality cotton which you can wash as often as you like, it holds its shape and colour very well, the rubberized dots remain sticky even after so many washes. It comes in two sizes and it is designed in a way to cover a larger area than just the knee-caps. The kneepads help babies and toddlers to crawl and cruise easily on slippery surfaces while protecting their knees.

playsocks – non-slip socks

Personally, the rubber-sole socks, also known as playsocks, are my favourites. These come handy when babies’ start crawling, or practicing standing up, especially if you have wooden floors or tiles in your home. The silicone, non-slip soles give babies an opportunity to grip onto the floor and balance their feet more confidently. The playsocks keep their feet warm on colder days, the full-size silicone soles make it easier for babies and toddlers to walk or run around, without slipping.

…. Playsocks are ideal to keep your little one’s feet warm on coldish days, especially when you have wooden or tiled floors at home!

They will no longer need any slippers in the house. My kids love the fun colours and patterns that these playsocks are available in, they especially like that they can easily put them on by themselves. When you choose the right size, they stay on their feet. There are three different types of silicone soles for these:

  • With silicone bubbles by toes and under the feet
  • Full-size silicone sole with small holes for airflow
  • Ergonomic design with full size silicone sole that follows the shape of a foot
Crawling pants

The crawling pants are actually a combination of tights, knee pads and playsocks in one. So, if you like anything that is hassle-free, you will love these pants. I loved using these pants for my kids, especially during the coldish fall and winter days, as I only needed to put these pants and a top on them to keep them warm while playing indoors. The crawl-pants come has a lot of tiny silicone dots across the knee area, toes and bottom of the feet, which make these pants non-slip for wooden or tiled floors. Given the silicone nature, you can wash them as many times as you like, the silicone remains effective in antislip /  non-slip.

festive and casual tights

Ewers brand also offer tights for formal wear e.g. white christening tights (and socks) with the most beautiful patterns and design, and made of a combination of soft cotton and elastine. Available in a variety of thickness: for spring, fall and winter time.

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