Welcome to GreenSteps!

So what is GS About exactly . . .

GS (‘Green Steps’) mission is to enable access to a selection of  premium quality children brands for generations to come. An easy and convenient online platform for all South African parents and parents to be. You now have an international and unique selection of footwear for your precious little ones that are not only fashionable and of premium quality but which most importantly enables healthy feet development.

We, as parents, can be faced with many challenges at times. . .  not only becoming first time parents but having to navigate through the hustle and bustle of parenting as well . . . we sometimes  neglect what matters the most and this is testament as we speak from personal experience.

Since our son, Declan took his first steps, we have been searching for the right pair of shoes because we realised and acknowledged how important it is for children to wear proper, quality shoes that are correctly fitted to support their feet. It has been very difficult to find a variety of these kind of shoes in the local market as most of the shoes available for kids do not necessarily support their feet as firmly as medical custodians of feet (Podiatrists) strongly recommend and can also be made of materials that may wear out incredibly fast.

Having interacted with our friends and fellow parents from our son’s crèche, we realised there are many other parents like us, who are battling to find quality shoes for their children.  Till we got his pair of shoes from one of our selected brands which he has worn in excess of 6 months.  We have also showed them what this pair of shoes looked like once he grew out of it, and the feedback we received from these parents made us realize there was a need and demand for these shoes in the South African market which had not been fully met by other brands.

Upon our adventure in seeking a quality pair of shoes for Declan, we have bought and tried various local brands of shoes for him but none of them lasted longer than a few weeks but what we learnt in the process was invaluable. And on this basis and as a consequence of having an almost non-existent choice of healthy, premium quality children shoes in the local footwear industry that GreenSteps was founded, a start- up family run business based in Johannesburg

You could put it like this  : GS, is About giving children what they need –  the right foot hold in life.