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Richter sandals are fashionable yet healthy spring/summer footwear for toddlers. These sandals have all the key features to support healthy feet development:

  • secure ankle support
  • wide toe-caps
  • firm heel cup
  • breathable materials
  • Velcro fastenings
  • soft, thin, non-slip soles

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Since 1893, the Austrian-based company Richter has developed children’s lasts and designed high-quality, functional children’s shoes. Richter works exclusively with premium-quality leather as well as hightech-material. Richter provides parents with the assurance that they are giving their child the best pro-duct, and ensures that children have fun and enjoy wearing Richter shoes.


Measure children's feet regularly


Select the right size based on manufacturer's size recommendation


Choose age appropriate styles and fit the shoes on their feet

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm



Spring/Summer Collection

Footwear Sizes

22, 25




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healthy feet – happy children
Children’s healthy feet development

The structure of the human body is primarily dependent on our two feet, and built up in a way that the foot is linked to the leg and the upper body by muscles and ligaments. Just as a building needs good basic foundation to avoid the entire structure collapsing, the right foundation for healthy children’s feet is also important as it has an impact on the upper body. Children love being active: walking, running and jumping, and healthy feet will help them do all of that with ease.

Children’s feet are only fully developed by the end of their teenage years. Looking after their feet from the moment they are born will help protect them from foot and other problems later on in their lives.

As your toddler starts standing up and taking his first steps, you might find yourself asking the question: what is best for my child’s feet when they are ready to wander around confidently?

When toddlers begin to walk, barefoot time is very important for sensory development. It also supports developing balance, co-ordination and correct body posture.

Why is it essential to pay attention to kids’ healthy feet development? Because it:

  • supports good spinal alignment and gait pattern development
  • has an effect on personality (walking correctly and straight up, can build their confidence)
  • provides a good foundation for sport and other activities.

“Most foot problems, including poor gait patterns and body alignment, are caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes from a young age.”