A success story – “made in Austria”

The Richter brand

Richter is a leading European brand for children’s shoes, that began at the end of the 19th century, since 1893. Richter is a traditional Austrian company, producing the vast majority of their shoes in their own European factory. People trust Richter as a global brand, as a trendsetter, as a company and as a business partner. Richter collaborates with leading designers and recognised orthopaedic specialists to develop products that are adapted to the challenges presented by the delicate feet of our children and providing them with maximum support as they grow.

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Your benefits:

☑  Austrian company
☑  Trend-oriented design
☑  Responsible production (Fair Steps)
☑  Quality proven and resistant materials
☑  Simple fastener
☑  Childlike last

Key product features – The reliable children‘s shoes

☑  Reinforced toe cap – to provide sufficient space and protection for delicate toes.
☑  Stabilised heel stiffeners – firmer and more secure fit.
☑  Inner sole made of leather or natural felt – breathable materials, more comfortable foot climate.
☑  Flexible soles – with a special non-slip profile and padded heels
☑  Easy fastening variants – Velcro, zip or laces.
☑  Removable insoles – makes shoe fitting easier, exchangeable for orthopaedic insoles.


Richter is WMS (Width Measurement System certified and produces shoes in two widths. Styles that are marked as WMS.

   One shoe – two width (Fit Me Individually) The width of these styles, that are marked as FitMI can be regulated with a second inserted sole
  Richter shoes are very resistant due to the carefully selected materials. SympaTex® membrane makes the shoe waterproof and breathable.

Toddlers – Selecting the very first pair of shoes

Your child is ready to get their first pair of shoes when they start walking comfortably on their own. Barefoot is best for healthy foot development as it helps to master balance and coordination. Indeed, this is not always practical to allow your child to walk around barefoot. As soon as they step outside you need to protect their delicate feet (especially on uneven, hot, cold and rocky surfaces etc).

Richter has developed its own set of first walker shoes for their first steps, it is called the Minis.

☑  Extremely flexible soles that allows optimal movement for the feet
☑  Dampening foot bed for promoting cushioned steps
☑  Ankle-high cut and reinforced heel area for best hold
☑  Special soft leather used in manufacturing
☑  Flexibility is also provided by a special stitching method
☑  Fashionable colours and beautiful designs to make first walkers stand out from the crowd.