What are the benefits of kids wearing socks?

What are the benefits of kids wearing socks?

We, as parents, completely support barefoot time for children in safe environments, it helps them develop the necessary muscles and ligaments of the foot and a great contributing factor to good posture. However, as the cooler weather kicks in for autumn and winter, it is recommended to put socks on their feet to keep them warm. Besides the cosiness and heating feature of a pair of socks or their stylish look, there are also other benefits of kids wearing socks:

  • Helps prevent odour: kids’ feet sweat more than adults’ feet, especially when they wear footwear that are made of synthetic, plastic or rubber materials. They may even feel uncomfortable wearing these type of shoes as these materials contribute significantly to the sweating of feet due to it not being naturally breathable. To prevent extensive sweatiness of their feet, we recommend to put a good pair of cotton socks on which can help absorb a large amount of sweat from their feet.
  • Provide protection from infections like Athlete’s Foot or fungi that can spread in public areas. If kids are wearing socks in public areas, it can reduce the chances of getting these types of infections.
  • Prevent injuries from harsh objects: socks, especially the ones which have protections like silicone soles, can provide some sort of protection dependant on terrain. Although, the best protection from hard, sharp objects is a good pair of shoes.
playsocks – non-slip socks

Our, 13-month old daughter has recently started to explore, by standing up and walking along the furniture or outside alongside the veranda. To protect her delicate feet from possible thorns in certain areas of the lawn, I usually put the Playsocks on her feet (Ewers, VABS or SoftSteps models) to wonder around. These socks have non-slip silicone soles that are designed in a way that the air is circulated, preventing from sweating in the socks while still giving her a close-to-barefoot (natural) experience. I can see she is happy wearing them even inside the house, as standard socks tends to have her slip on our wooden and tiled floor areas of the house. We love these Playsocks!

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