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how to select the correct size?

Brands and size charts can differ from one brand to another, therefore, we strongly recommend parents to take measurements of their child in order to purchase the correct size. In case you are still unsure, please do not hesitate to email us to and we will guide you through this process. Please see our Return & Exchange Policy as well, which grants you 28-days to return the unworn products you purchased in their original packaging. Please read more here about the policy.

Select the Brand that you intend to purchase in order to read the guidance on how to select the right size for your child. Alternatively, each product page will display the respective size guide for that particular product as well.

richter footwear
Our Motto: ” Foot length determines shoe size “

It is best to measure your child’s feet in the afternoon, according to podiatrists. The easiest way to measure your child’s feet is either to request our GS foot measuring template via email or through completing the form below, or to just let her stand on a piece of blank paper. Draw line behind her heel and in front of her longest toe (repeat with both feet) and then measure the distance between these two lines. The measurement will be her foot length and use this to select the right size from the table below. Richter already incorporates extra space in their shoe sizes, so you don’t need to select a size up, unless there is up to 2mm difference from the next size.

We are happy to help if you are still in doubt. Email us to

ewers legwear

Ewers legwear range includes socks, playsocks, tights and leggings as well as newborn accessories like baby grow.

For the socks and playsocks products, the size chart is based on the child’s footwear size. (please see under Richter Footwear how to measure your child’s foot for shoe/ sock sizes)

For the tights and leggings, Ewers determines the sizes based on the child’s height, always select the size range which is above their height measurement. For example, if a 6month-old baby is 70cm, then we would recommend to select size 74 for a comfortable fit, or if a toddler girl is 99cm select size 98-104cm for leggings or tights.

We are happy to help if you are still in doubt. Email us to or send a message through the form below.

condor beachwear, legwear and knitwear

Condor range includes socks, knee-high socks, leggings, tights, knitwear and beachwear.

Their socks sizes are based on the European shoe sizes (or check out our Richter sizes as these European brands have standardised their sizing charts).

The Condor tights and leggings are sized based on the children’s heights, similar to the beachwear range.

The Condor knitwear size chart details the length, bustline and sleeves’ length. Measure the sleeves from the shoulder right down to their palms. Bustline should be measured around their chest.

We are happy to help if you are still in doubt. Email us to or send a message through the form below.

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